What To Wear For Your Horse Riding Event

What to wear for your horse riding event

If you are planning to venture into a horse riding event, there are things you need to have at your finger tips. First, safety is key. Horses can sometimes turn chaotic and the only shield you will have is the equipment you are wearing. Once you have the correct equipment, you will stick with your horse riding events forever. Do not question why horse riding equipment is so special, just find the pieces that are most comfortable for you.


Your head
Every horse rider must protect his or her head from potential damage. A helmet is often required and perfectly serves the purpose of protecting your head from injury. If you do not have an appropriate helmet, do not go for a sporty hat; the riding helmets have been specially designed and produced to protect your head from injuries – a hat is a piece of clothing designed for visual appeal.

Top, coat, jacket
It is obvious that you will need to dress up well for horse riding, depending considerably on the weather. For autumn, winter and spring, consider picking nice long sleeved tops to protect you from the harsh weather. Getting a coat and a jacket are also necessities. Don’t forget that the motion of your horse can create a strong wind. Pick out any brand that fits your body (and your pocketbook) well, but be sure that what you choose fits with your intended activities – for example, you don’t want to wear western clothing to a dressage event.

Horses have large, strong teeth and you can just never be sure if or when or why they bite. Gloves will help to protect your hands from horse bites. Additionally, gloves enable riders to retain a firm grip during the riding process. The chance that your hands slip are therefore reduced, as is the potential for blisters and cuts from the reins.

Probably the most important equipment to consider for your riding events is footwear. The type of footwear you put on determines whether your riding events will be fun or simply something you will never wish to try out again. Good footwear therefore helps make everything perfect. The significance of riding boots is huge, but you do need to pay attention to what style to wear.

The obvious footwear every rider must have is a pair of riding boots. Even if you are new to horse riding, you must have a pair of boots. They will protect your feet from getting cold and also from any unnecessary injuries you encounter while riding. It is impossible and dangerous to ride with sandals or other normal pairs of shoes. Riding boots are comfortable and best suited for your riding activities. Consider getting conventional riding boots with a small heel to protect you from sliding, both in the stirrups and also on the ground.

Here are different styles of riding boots

  • Dressage boots – These are boots that extend to the bottom of the knee. The outer top of the boot is usually longer than the inner part allowing your knee to be in contact with the saddle at all times. These are a more formal style of boots, and mostly come in black.
  • Field boots – Field boots are accessorized with a laces to the ankle at the front of the boot that can be tightened or loosened to suit a rider’s preference. Unlike the dressage boots, they allow ankle flexibility. They typically come in black and dark brown.
  • Paddock boots – These are all-purpose work boots that can be worn in the ring, stall, paddock, or field. The boots end above the ankle. You can wear them every day since they are not easily damaged. Paddock boots come in different colours such as black and brown and dark green (rubber), and even bright colours.
  • Western boots – these are knockoffs of the western riding boots that were developed in the American West by working cowboys in the previous century. They typically have hand-tooled designs on the uppers and undercut heels – the unusual heel design factor helps hold the boot better in the stirrup when going through rough countryside, making abrupt direction changes, or standing in the stirrups.
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