Smart Tips On How To Wear Riding Boots

Smart tips on how to wear riding boots
Having a pair of riding boots is one thing, but wearing them is definitely another. It could be that you could be have them but you have never put them on (for reasons best known to you?). While you might not be the only one, you are missing out big time on this fashion deal. I guess it is obvious, but riding boots should be worn especially when you are into horse events. Don’t be afraid to wear your riding boots and miss that event as the result.


Here is the other extreme: you are stocked to the roof with tons of riding boots and now, you’re wondering how to get started. You were supposed to attend a riding school, but you didn’t, and now you are in a dilemma because you backed out. Maybe, you passed on attending that special equestrian event because you went blank on ideas on what to wear with your boots. Is that it? Well, you can relax now because we’ve got lots of different styles for wearing riding boots, even (and maybe especially) boots just like yours.

How to wear your riding boots with style
Wear with sleek pants
A pair of skinny jeans will match up perfectly with riding boots. Pick some dark-colored jeans and wear them with brown riding boots. Actually, light-coloured jeans will work here also. You can complement the look with a floral blouse or a maybe a light chiffon one (but be aware of the temperature during the extent of the event). Belt the blouse at the waist and finish with a good jacket. Accessorise the whole look with a silver or gold chain. Do not forget to tuck in the jeans so as to expose the riding boots to look at (but for goodness sakes don’t do that if they are Western Boots! That is tacky!).

Another different style is to wear your riding boots with flare trousers. The guys will tend to look good in this style also (again, particularly if the boots are Western styled). Alternatively if you are short of jeans, trade them with corduroys.

Leggings totally show the lady rider’s complete figure. Pick the color of leggings to match with your riding boots. Get warm leg-sweaters to wear on your leggings. A skimpy little top dress too will serve the purpose of showing off your boots and attracting looks, as well.

Dress up your riding boots with a skirt
Wear your riding boots with a short skirt to look nice. If you have a pair of pencil skirts that’s even better. Something short and one that shows your figure up to the knee matches well with long traditional riding boots. Complement your skirt with a blouse that accents your shape. You have options to either wear tights or not depending upon the weather and your modesty. Another option is a pleated Scotts kilt. The pleats let the kilt swing and keep the admiring eyes busy while you are free to enjoy the occasion.

What about a dress?
Short dresses will come out looking hot with riding boots. You can pick on a tunic dress. Woolen knit material or a casually loose short dress and accessorise it with a belt. This style is perfect for casual horse riding events. Additionally, you can pick on shorts. When you want to show off your legs on a nice spring or summer day, shorts will do the trick. Try khaki or jeans shorts to wear with your riding boots. Consider shopping for leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirts and good blouses to complement them. Make the most of your riding look with all these options.

What about the guys?
There are not as many options for the guys as for the gals, but take advantage of what is available. The largest choice comes with Western-style boots. There you can use pipeleg jeans in the 401®-style or loose flares, and the colors are there if you are brave enough.

The other option is traditional riding pants – form-fitting if you want the opposite sex to pay attention to your backside. One other option, although some people think they are old-fashioned, is jodhpurs – these will still give you a nice view from behind for the ladies, but the leg freedom makes them more comfortable.

With all the great options above, you definitely should not miss that equestrian event. The weather should not block you from getting an equestrian look either. There are waxed canvas jackets, and high-style ankle-length rain slickers with Australian-style rain hats. And for those cold events, fake fur jackets and full-length coats are really in.

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